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Our sensor platform consist of a core unit containing the battery and the brains, and an external sensor module, which is designed for ease of install and is based on our "Plug and Play" philosophy.


This mix of generic portable with specifically designed solutions is the perfect mix allowing for speed to install coupled with the right cost structure, of a generic IoT solution, also adding the ability to customize for tighter usability and result when needed.

3030 SENSE

Universal SENSE Box

The SENSE box contains the communication, and edge computing layer. This allows the sensor head to live separately from the computer, in the hash enclosed environment, allowing for faster and cheaper sensor head replacement functionality in the case of damage. The SENSE box can stay out of harms way, allowing ideal placement in sunlight (solar battery charging ability), a strong signal for data communication, and easy user serviceability.

Interchangable heads

SENSE heads are designed for a specific application so no compromises on sensor technology or shape needs to be made.

Leveraging 3D printing, and off the shelf sensor modules allows you to get the benefit of a custom solution at the speed of a generic one.

Rugged design

Initially designed to be used in industrial waste dumpsters, where the unit has to withstand strikes from building material dropped from stories above.

Use of high strength plastics and metal shielding allows this platform to survive in harsh outdoor environments like the construction waste industry.

Reporting Dashboards

Collecting the data is the hard part, once saved, online dashboards can be used to view the current state from anywhere.

Dashboards can be easily customized for each client's needs. The dashboards have security login to keep all information confidential to the particular user's needs


Ability to  "data dump" to Microsoft's EXCEL or POWER BI, or other database systems, for deeper analytics, can be accomplished.


Be notified to the condition and thresholds you find most important via email or txt

Analytics / AI

With the collection and storage of data in the cloud, our development roadmap includes the ability to show AI Insights based on the captured data, using deeper AI systems. 


Industry Example

grey back ground.png
Waste Management

Integrated IIoT ultrasonic sensor hardware and analytics software platform to optimize bin/storage fill  management. Operates on wifi/cell/satellite communication for installation in any environment 


Sensors monitor bin fill level, GPS coordinates, temperature (IR) to detect if a person has climbed in


Data is sent to the CLOUD for live analytics and alerts as bins are near full


Collection can be more efficiently planned around bins/storage that need emptying

Expanding Markets

Sewage/Sump Tanks

Provide a quick and easy solution for remote/rural tank fill level alerts (no longer worry if the family long weekend will yet again be wrecked because of a full sewage tank at the lake cabin)


Alert early when residual bin is filling allowing enough time for pick up in remote/weather restricted locations

Recycle Bins

Not only check fill level of Recycle bins but also create a system for dectecting, through IR analytics, if a person has climbed inside

Storage Containers

Check fill level of remote storage units with single unit easily installed on top of tank

Have something else in mind? Drop us a line, we look forward to designing a solution for your problem


Founded in Vancouver on the key principal that our IoT solutions must be cost effective for the user, must be quick to install ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET, and provide a useful insight to help render a quick economic/safety decision

3030IoT is made up of a group of industry experts where we apply our software, hardware, IoT, and real world expertise to provide a unique solution for you


We are gamers, jet engineers, inventors, founders of a waste management company, big data experts, and a world class industrial designer. We bring energy, passion, and a love of simplicity to our solutions  



For any inquiries or questions we can be reached at 3030IOT@gmail.com


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