Construction Waste Containers:


An integrated Industrial IoT hardware and software solution, leading to optimized waste collection, faster turn around for clients, more efficient use of truck and driver time

Today we are working with PEAK WASTE to help them bring an IoT solution to the problem of "when is the construction garbage bin full?" We started with SONIC sensors with the goal of expanding to a small camera to take singular pictures of content, as well as an IR sensor to allow for the detection of HEAT so as to determine if a person has accidentally got stuck in the bin. The 3030 SENSE system monitors the fill level of the construction bins 

Working use case

Waste collection is currently inefficient, with disposal bins picked up for emptying based on a set schedule regardless of fill level – or alternatively on demand when full. 


To optimize bin and truck usage, how can you know remotely when a bin is full and ready to be picked up for emptying?


• Bin fleets are deployed across large physical areas and move around quite frequently

• As the bin fleet is dispensed over a large area, maintaining physical proximity to every bin is impractical

• Bins can be either over or under filled for long periods of time, reducing turnover efficiency


• A network of self-contained, positionally aware wireless ultrasonic sensor units configured to successfully analyze the unique fill properties of a waste bin

• Connected to a data analytics platform enabling remote monitoring and analysis to predict and streamline bin utilization and truck deployment


• Increased bin utilization efficiency and driver routing

• Optimized operating costs (e.g. labour, fuel, and full wait times)


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